• Address: Sofia, Bulgaria
  • Complex Type: Office
  • Status: Finished
  • Leasable office area: 1000 m2
  • Typical Office Floor:
  • Parking:
  • Year Built: 2021
  • Stories:

BNP Paribas Sofia Branch offers a full range of products and services in corporate and institutional banking.

Based on the client’s requirements, MBL developed flexible office space with no dedicated working stations and dynamic capacity, insured by the large variety of alternative working and collaboration points providing the employees the opportunity to choose which informal area best support their needs.

The main pedestrian lines are surrounded by custom made furniture separators, serving as personal lockers, wardrobes and seating modules, providing noise isolation for the working area and keeping the visual contact and uniting feeling at the same time.

The office is equipped with the classic workbenches, all with height adjustable desks. At dispose to the employees there is variety of spaces, tailored to answer client’s needs – discussion points for informal team meetings, concentration desks for isolated individual work, large bars for either individual or team work.

Glazed partitions are used to separate meeting rooms and private cabinets from the open office to take advantage of the natural light and to create a transparent and airy environment. Writable walls for a real-time innovation and collaboration are also part of the flexible concept of the space.

The large common dining and rest area is equipped for presentations in front of the whole team. Café-style informal meeting lounges are also an addition to the flexible working points in the office.

There are also seven sound isolated Phone booths, all in different vibrant colors giving character and distinction to each. The design of the meeting rooms are related to the BNP Paribas primary causes and each of them has its own unique spirit, represented with integrated decorative elements.

In serve to the team there is an extraordinary game room, providing real escape from the work atmosphere, recharging the spirit and stimulating imagination. With respect to the employees` wellbeing and personal needs, the office provides specifically dedicated recreation room for mental or physical recovery.

The main color theme is the company’s characteristic green color, supported by yellow and turquoise accents, surrounded by natural background. Cozy environment breaking up the expected corporate feeling, vivid colors and dynamic shapes are the main characteristics of this contemporary office design.


Head of Design & Project Management

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