Laurin Office Building

  • Адрес: ул. Дамян Груев
  • Вид: Офис
  • Статус: Напълно зарършен
  • Отдаваема площ: 2,000 кв.м
  • Етажна плоча: 280
  • Паркинг: 43
  • Година на строителство: 2022
  • Етажи:


Laurin Offices is a new boutique office project situ­ated in the centre of Sofia, in close proximity to most financial and government institutions.

The area offers a wide range of amenities and excel­lent public transport.

Spacious and light office areas are distributed over eight aboveground floors. On three underground levels there are 43 parking lots.


The building comprises 2,400 sq m of class A office space, designed and constructed according to the highest international standards.


Situated on 17-19 Damian Gruev Str. in downtown

Sofia, Laurin Offices has the prime location for busi­nesses that require good transport connections and an ease of access.

The building is in proximity to most government, financial and cultural institutions.

There is a variety of public transportation: a metro

station10 minutes away by foot,9 tramlines, 2 bus lines, 2 trolley lines and shuttles.


Николай Неов

Директор Офис площи

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